Zaft 032   Jeye / Chaos As Shelter / Goose   Split

Track Listing:

  1. Jeye: Blending Reality and Emulation
  2. Jeye: Contemplating
  3. Jeye: Obsessing on a Number
  4. Jeye: Intermission
  5. Jeye: Half a Mnemonic Link
  6. Chaos as Shelter: Sail
  7. Chaos as Shelter: Julia Dreams
  8. Goose: The Folly of Technological Determinism

At 79:50, this is the longest split so far. I first heard Jeye's self released demo CD and thought that it was quite interesting. A bit different from what Zaftig Research typically puts out, but I liked it. That was what was important. Plus John is a nice guy and that goes pretty far in the world of experimental music as far as I am concerned. I told him that I would like to do a split with him, so he sent me some music when he sent in his track for Anno Domini 2002. He sent about 27 minutes worth of music. That was fine, but I figured that there was all of this extra space sitting on the disc and that it would be a shame not to share the love.

Enter Chaos As Shelter. I fell in love with his music when I heard "In the Shelter of Chaos from the Rectrix. It was amazing. I have yet to be disappointed by his work. I had wanted to do something with him for about two years, and the time seemed right, so I asked if he would like to be a part of this split, and he kindly accepted. He's unleashing music all over the place. Rightfully so - it needs to be heard.

This Goose track is a long organic piece using a thunderstorm I recorded, talking drums, and samples of Zelifkizum playing a digeridoo. I wanted it to be somewhat peaceful and soothing. I think it works well with the other pieces on the disc. It was a bit longer, but when I got Chaos As Shelter's material, I had to cut mine down to make room.

Jeye and Chaos As Shelter are two artists that you will definitely hear more from.

Here's what Drone Records Mailorder had to say:

TIP ! Alleine die beiden C.A.S. – Stücke (SAIL mit 22.26 min und JULA DREAMS mit 10.27) sind den Kauf dieser arg limitieren split CDR wert ! SAIL ist ein Stück „Organic Drone“ das auch gerne 70 min laufen könnte, wellig, unruhig, brodelnd, das zweite ein handgespielter, folk-angehauchter Minimalismus. Auch das interessante GOOSE-Stück mit ethno-Elementen verwebt in field recordings macht die schwächeren JEYE – Stücke vom Anfang mehr als wett.....