Zaft 031   Various Artists   Anno Domini 2002

Track Listing:

  1. .V.L.A.D. the Impaling Machine - Fat Christmas of the Bush
  2. Jeye - Down the Stairs in Time for Big Jamesie B
  3. Dust Engineering Facilities - A Dust Ting of Snow
  4. Chaos As Shelter - Mighty Star
  5. C/A/T - The Christmas Eve Hunt for Turboman
  6. David M. Henderson - Holiday Composition #2
  7. Marufura Fufunjiru - Halleluja
  8. Verloc - Verloc Fear Santa (A Small Homage to the Scottish Guitar Army)
  9. ga-ne-tli-yv-s-di - O Death Divine
  10. Gydja - Red Drops Of Blood
  11. sound_00 - xxx mass
  12. Free Death - Pat the Bunny
  13. Stolen Light - Belt Sanders for Christmas (for JMH)
  14. LAN Formatique - The Glitch Who Stole XMAS
  15. The 13RXNTLE Lather Fiasco - All I Want for Christmas is an Ounce
  16. Suspicion Breeds Confidence - Ein Weihnachtslied 3-4
  17. TBTTBC - Why Don't You Put the N Back at the End, Santa?
  18. Solanas - 12 Nights
  19. Restcure - Santa Goes AWOL
  20. Goose - What Child is This?

Christmas comes once a year and so does the Zaftig Research Christmas compilation. An impressive array of talent this year from all over the world. As always, an excellent compilation. .V.L.A.D. the Impaling Machine's track alone is worth the price of admission. Each cover was hand stamped and assembled, then tied with red twine and a bell.