Zaft 029   Ryu-So / Goose   Split

Track Listing:

  1. Ryu-So: Enso part 1
  2. Ryu-So: Enso part 2
  3. Ryu-So: Enso part 3
  4. Ryu-So: Enso part 4
  5. Ryu-So: jagg-ZZZ-ggga
  6. Ryu-So: for Sonic-low
  7. Ryu-So: so kara ryu e
  8. Goose: Dream Cycle part 3
  9. Goose: Dream Cycle part 4

You know Ryu-So; you just don't realize it yet. Ryu-So is a collaboration between Moz and Kazuya Ishigami (Billy?, Daruin, NEUS-318 labelhead). This is not as overpowering as one may imagine. Some tracks are even sedate. The lyrics on the Goose tracks are trascriptions of actual dreams that I have had.