Zaft 013   Goose   Here's Looking At You

Track Listing:

Track Listing:

  1. Shane
  2. Rebecca
  3. Dave
  4. Jane
  5. Rich
  6. Todd

This was the first full length release from Goose. It was an incredibly personal release, with each of the songs being dedicated to a certain person. Each person received the copy that was the number of their track. Each disc was packaged between two mirrors wrapped with raffia. It is an interesting mix of drone and spoken word.

Here's what Karl Midholm (Ovum) had to say:

hey gang, i received goose's "here's looking at you" cdr today (thanks brett). what can i say, you should all get it while you can (ltd ed of 20 numbered copies, mine's # 7). very ambient, very rumbling, some spoken words --> music for nights. the disc's packaged between two mirrors (one of 'em didn't make the flight to sweden). y'all need this one...

Here's what Free Death had to say:

Here's Looking at You: BASS! Not bad, very, VERY deep and mysterious-sounding. It makes me wonder what the source samples are. The first time your voice came in, it really startled me, but now it feels like a normal part of the flow. I have a feeling this CD will be an ideal complement to some mood, and when I figure out which mood, I'll let you know!