Conscientia Peccati / Monoid / StillStand ?– Heimat

Track Listing:

1-01 Conscientia Peccati - Brauchtum
1-02 Conscientia Peccati - Glaube
1-03 Conscientia Peccati - Tradition
1-04 Conscientia Peccati - Erbe
1-05 Conscientia Peccati - Ahnen
1-06 Conscientia Peccati - Erinnerung

2-01 StillStand - Heimkehr
2-02 StillStand - Versteck
2-03 StillStand - Verbindung
2-04 StillStand - Natur
2-05 StillStand - Zuflucht

3-01 Monoid - Begegnung
3-02 Monoid - Fremde
3-03 Monoid - Himmel
3-04 Monoid - Ferüberwachung
3-05 Monoid - Neuland
3-06 Monoid - Kulturaustausch

4-01 Goose - Distant Memories
4-02 Psychogram - Heimkehr (Psychic Mix)
4-03 Jorge Castro - Familiar Landscape No. 33
4-04 Sztuka Fabryka - Parteniana
4-05 Unnatural Bleeding - Heimat
4-06 Lefthandeddecision - Simple Home, Father Destruct
4-07 Suspicion Breeds Confidence - Eldorado Im Schatten Des Großen Feldbergs
4-08 Yituey - Callejon Gambaro
4-09 Alarmen - Glaube
4-10 Nobdrun - Himmel
4-11 Stone Glass Steel - The Silent Perimeter

This was an absolutely amazing project and I felt honored to be a part of it. I actually wrote part of the liner notes for this release. The concept was heimat, or "home," and we were each invited to write something about this concept. It seems that I was the only one besides Martin who did. Here is the text that I wrote:

I have moved once for every year I've been alive, so the concept of "home" is a difficult one. To me, the thing that gives us "roots" is where we have been, the people that we were with, and the memories that wehave made. I named my reworking of Martin's music "Distant Memories" because of the images that the sounds evoked: the sound of a tehterball chain hiting the pole in an empty schoolyard, watching the scenery go by as we drove the U-Haul to another home in another place, the feeling you have when you go to a new school for the first time. We are made up of the memories that we have. Everyone we have met, everything that we have done, and everywhere that we have been makes us who we are. We become these things.