Wilt & Goose & Marax - Harsh Fields

Track Listing:

  1. Wilt: An Abandoned Church In The Middle Of Nowhere - Mixed By Goose
  2. Wilt: Thriteen Miles Above The Earth - Mixed By Marax
  3. Wilt: Contraction Of The Crust - Mixed By Marax
  4. Wilt: The Midwinter Sun - Mixed By Goose
  5. Wilt: Subterranean Disturbances - Mixed By Marax
  6. Wilt: An Ever Empty Feeling Of Complete Loneliness - Mixed By Marax
  7. Wilt: Field Guide To Isolation - Mixed By Goose
  8. Wilt: The Coldest And Darkest Months Of The Year - Mixed By Goose
  9. Wilt: The Blizzard Of March, 1888 - Mixed by Marax
  10. Wilt: A Slight Breeze Before The Storm - Mixed By Goose
  11. Wilt: Violent Machines Rape The Land - Mixed By Marax

This collaboration started as source material from Wilt, which was then remixed by me and Marax. I still really enjoy Wilt's work and I'm glad that this was finally released. This was released by Small Doses and limited to 100 copies, half in white packaging and half in black packaging.