Various Artists: Ants On A Log

Track Listing:

A1 Bargain Basement - Lunch Meat
A2 Vok - All Art Is Shit - Culture Is For Bacteria
A3 No-Fi - Nietzsche
A4 Domstar - Midnight Air
A5 Domstar - Grace Rings
A6 Domstar - Forest Light
A7 Prurient - Sick Was The Sea In C
B1 Nuclear Pig Shit - Compassionate Marksman
B2 Goose - You're Never Really Alone
B3 Sickness - Siamese Tongue Kiss
B4 An Aesthetic - Skyscrape
B5 Furisubi - Fossle
C1 Guilty Connector - Noh And Kyogen
C2 Stolen Light - Life Is But A Dream, Bridget...
C3 Flatline Construct - More Of The Same
C4 Marax - Trauma Test Pattern
C5 Netanyahoo - Nervous Nig Syt
C6 Obscure Noise Control - Live Set #1
D1 Spyrocyst Tachiai - Allheal
D2 Ames Sanglantes - Sottises
D3 Euphorio Question - Who Is At Fault?
D4 Window Cleaning By Ian - Untitled